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    Deleterious substances present in aggregates that influence concrete properties will be discussed here. In the next post we will learn about permissible limit of such

  • Basis for Classifying Deleterious Characteristics of

    Deleterious characteristics of concrete aggregate materials are reviewed, and a simplified arrangement for their classification is proposed. This arrangement is

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    Deleterious Materials - aggregates should be free of potentially deleterious materials such as clay lumps, shales, or other friable particles, and other.

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    The term 'deleterious materials' is a broad one, It should be noted however that all materials can be considered deleterious under the Such aggregates may

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    5 Aggregate Specifications and Requirements Physical Quality Requirements Fine Aggregates Coarse Aggregates Deleterious Materials

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    Study 15 Aggregate Durability/Deleterious Materials flashcards from Jesse P. on StudyBlue.

  • Screeners – River Bed Uncrushed Aggregates For Concrete

    By Kaushal Kishore Materials Engineer Roorkee. INTRODUCTION: SCREENERS companies near Dehradun and elsewhere have set …

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    What are Aggregates? durability and deleterious materials. The Materials; What are Aggregates? What is Liquid Asphalt (Asphalt Cement)?

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    Aggregates for Concrete and other fine materials in amounts that could fications limit the permissible amounts of deleterious

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    Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) Aggregate & Stone Test Data


    MATERIAL SPECIFICATION FOR . AGGREGATES - MISCELLANEOUS TABLE OF shale or shaley partings and other deleterious materials. Aggregates may be …

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    weight, of deleterious materials in aggregate. Deleterious materials consist of wood, clay lumps, friable particles, DELETERIOUS CONTENT OF AGGREGATES.

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    Evaluation of Aggregates analysis, deleterious materials, soundness, crushing value, impact value, abrasion value, flakiness and elongation index) IS: 2386


    RECYCLED AGGREGATE Association Recycled aggregates materials meet the Ontario and S shall not contain more than 1% by mass of deleterious …

  • Deleterious Materials: What surveys should be carried …

    However we are not clear what is legally expected with regard to other deleterious materials. - Aggregates for use in reinforced concrete which do not comply

  • Report on Determining the Reactivity of Concrete

    Report on Determining the Reactivity of Concrete Aggregates and using supplementary cementing materials, using Deleterious …

  • Hot Mix Asphalts 101 - New Jersey - The Official …

    –deleterious materials. • Usually use locally available aggregates: – Cubical and tough – Modified Hot Mix Asphalts 101

  • IS 2386-2: Methods of test for aggregates for concrete

    In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this

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    Deleterious Material clay lumps, Main reactions of deleterious material: Alkali aggregates reaction This section deals with potentially deleterious materials

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    Coarse and fine aggregates, suitable for use in bituminous paving mixtures, loam, wood, metallic contents, unhydrated lime, or other deleterious materials.

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    Test Method Title Clay Lumps and Friable Particles in Aggregate Reference Number AASHTO T 112 Material. Aggregate. Test Property. Deleterious materials, clay lumps


    WHAT ARE THE PROPERTIES OF AGGREGATES FOR CONCRETE Deleterious Materials. Aggregates should not contain any harmful material in such a …

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    14.4 Cleanliness and Deleterious Materials. Aggregates must be relatively clean. Vegetation, soft particles, clay lumps, excess dust and vegetable