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  • environmental impact assessment of coal mining activity in enugu

    May 17, 2014 ABSTRACT It is very necessary to undertake baseline study of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the coal mining activity on the 

  • Coal mining in Enugu district, Nigeria EJAtlas

    Dec 9, 2014 Mapping ecological conflicts and spaces of resistance.

  • Environmental pollution from coal mining activities in the Enugu

    Hydrogeological studies of the Enugu coal mining area were carried out which included hydrogeochemical analyses of water samples. These analyses revealed 

  • coal mine for zuma coalfired power plant African Development Bank

    Project Area The proposed Okobo coal mining site is located between longitude N07. 0 town in Kogi State approximately 200km North of Enugu. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Act No 86 of 1992, which restricts public or private.

  • The Impacts of Energy Extraction on the Environment in Southern

    Key words Impact, energy extraction, environment, southern Nigeria. 1. . be seen in the coal mining areas of Enugu, Okaba and Afikpo to mention a few [16].

  • COAL DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA International Journal of

    Nigeria because the coal production propelled the advancement of Nigerian Cement Factory, Nigerian. Railway Coal was discovered in Enugu, Nigeria in 1909. The Ogbete drift mine additional negative impact came when the. Electricity 

  • Impact of Coal Mining In Enugu Area of Nigeria on IOSR journals

    Abstract This study examined impact of coal mining in Enugu on the surrounding water quality.Mine tunnels empty their discharged water into Nyaba and Ekulu 

  • Coal Mining And Its Economic Importance In Nigeria CAVA

    Geoenvironmental impact of Okpara coal mine, Enugu, Southeastern Nigeria on the environmental impact assessment of Okpara coal mine in the Enugu area.


    RESOURCE EXPLOITATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT (A CASE STUDY OF cement manufacturing company; and in Enugu as a result of coal mining.

  • Geochemistry and Environmetric Approaches to Estimate Pollution

    Apr 28, 2014 Okaba coal mine is located in the Lower Anambra Basin, Norht Central, Nigeria This Formation is underlain by Enugu shales (Campanian).

  • addressing environmental and health impacts of active and

    Jun 29, 2012 “Environmental health impacts of major and abandoned mines in . the vicinity of abandoned coal mine, Enugu, Southeastern Nigeria

  • The Maiganga Coal Mine Drainage and Its Effects on Water IJETST

    The Maiganga Coal Mine Drainage and Its Effects on Water Quality, North. Eastern effect on groundwater and surface water bodies used for drinking and other uses. Twenty five water .. Enugu are absence in both Lafia Obi and. Maiganga 

  • FG, S'African Firm Begin Moves to Revive Enugu Coal Industry

    Jun 2, 2017 FG, S'African Firm Begin Moves to Revive Enugu Coal Industry commenced moves aimed at reviving the abandoned coal industry in Enugu as it The adverse environmental impact, and adverse impact to human health 

  • Heavy Metal Geochemistry of Acid Mine Drainage in Onyeama Coal

    rainy/dry season cycles affects the chemical composition of the drainage. Major elements mines constitute what is today known as the Enugu Coal Fields.

  • Geoenvironmental impact of Okpara coal mine, Enugu iMedpub

    Geoenvironmental impact of Okpara coal mine, Enugu, Southeastern Nigeria. G. U. Sikakwe, B. E. Ephraim, T. N. Nganje, E. E. U. Ntekim and E. A. Amah.

  • About coal mining impacts Greenpeace International

    Jul 1, 2016 Mining is the first step in the dirty life cycle of coal. When coal mines move in, whole communities are forced off their land by expanding mines, 

  • GIS, Mining, Nigeria, Minerals, Pollution, Environmental effects, Policy

    minerals like coal, tin, gold, marble, limestone and others. [14]. . minerals. In one study on coal mining impacts in West coal mines in the Enugu area.

  • Environmental and Health Implications of Coal Mining at Maiganga

    Coal occurrence, exploitation, Processing, and utilization have strong impact both Coal mining impact the environment adversely by causing interference with .. Concentrations in Coal and Coal and Sediments from River Ekulu in Enugu, 

  • Nigerian Coal University Of Nigeria Nsukka

    Nov 25, 2008 The Effects of Nigeria's UncoOrdinated. Energy Policy on an Energy Industry Case. Study of the Nigerian Coal Corporation. Enugu. Faculty.

  • Environmental impact assessment of coal mining at Enugu, Nigeria

    Mar 3, 2017 This study determined the views of respondents in Akwuke and Iva mine communities concerning the impact of coal mining activities on animal 

  • integrated study of acid mine drainage and its environmental effects

    Mamu Formation, and Enugu Shale) underlay. Onyeama mine. The formations are faulted. (Normal fault). Mamu Formation contains coal seams and the 

  • Heavy Metals Concentrations in Coal and Sediments from River

    sediment samples from River Ekulu in Enugu, Coal City using Atomic Absorption metals in the area is established, calling for the assessment of their impact on the health of human and waste waters arising from the coal mine and carrying.

  • Despite energy crisis, Nigeria buries its coal heritage

    Sep 24, 2015 Coal production was brewing wealth and Enugu was the field of the coal, during that period, had a serious impact on the larger society.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Onyeama Coal Mine in Enugu

    Environmental Impact Assessment of Onyeama Coal Mine in Enugu,. Southeastern Nigeria. *Ezemokwe, D.E1, Idogwu, C. N2, Orazulike, D.M3, Ezemokwe, 


    It covers EnuguNgwo, Obioma, Aboh and Nsude all in Udi Local is the description and interpretation of land form based on the effects of certain factors . The Mamu Formation exposure at Onyeama coal mine contains cyclotherm which